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Children In The Foster Care System

Children in the foster care system have experienced various levels of trauma. They have been placed in foster care through no fault of their own.

Ohio law provides biological parents with the opportunity to address the issues that resulted in their child/ren being placed in foster care. If however, the biological family is not able to do so, the parents’ rights may be terminated. This placed the child/ren in the permanent custody of a county children services agency for the purpose of adoption.

Adopting A Child From The Foster Care System

When your foster child is available for adoption, it can be an exciting time, but takes fortitude. There are many struggles along the way that you have already overcome with your foster child. There are likely more to come.

Working with an experienced adoption attorney can help you not only with the actual adoption, but also with preparation. Most children who are in the custody of a county agency are eligible for adoption assistance, which may include:

  • Monthly stipend
  • Medical Card
  • One-time adoption expense reimbursement
  • Post-adoption services
  • Potential adoption tax credit

Opening your heart and home to a foster child in need may take work, but the rewards are extraordinary.

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