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Growing Ohio Families For More Than 20 Years

I am Carie Ehrenborg, and I am the founder of Ehrenborg Law Office. My firm’s focus is 100% on adoption and child welfare law. I provide the full spectrum of adoption advocacy for prospective married or single parents, stepparents, relatives, foster parents, legal custodians and expectant/birth parents.

Successfully navigating through adoption is like no other experience. It requires patience, emotional strength, sacrifice and an enormous amount of love. You will also need an agency or an adoption lawyer to complete the process. Since becoming an attorney, I have worked with public/private adoption agencies and private parties, and helped in intercountry adoptions. Read more about my professional background by following this link.

Experienced Assistance For Your Adoption

Many paths bring individuals and families to the decision of adoption. I think it is selfless, but not an easy choice. It is a challenging journey filled with potential twists, turns and thorns. There’s a reason the state requires professional involvement.

I devote my complete practice of law to adoption and child welfare matters. I can help you with all matters involving adoption, including:

  • Agency finalization
  • Open adoption
  • Expectant/birth parent representation
  • Private/direct adoption
  • Closed adoption
  • Special needs adoption
  • Child welfare law advocacy

Adoption and child welfare law concentrate 100% on a child’s best interests. The term “best interests” is meant as an objective scale but each child waiting for adoption is unique. Their special circumstances will expand the boundaries of the scale.

Helping All Parents

I look forward to helping you explore your interest in adoption. Email me or call my office in Columbus at 614-920-4302.