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I am Carie Ehrenborg, and I founded my law firm to work with adoptive parents, relatives, stepparents, expectant/birth parents and foster parents who are interested in pursuing adoption.

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Adoption Is A Complex Process

Completing an adoption involves several participants and requires a certain emotional stamina to successfully navigate through each step. While anyone can informally help or promote the adoption process, a couple or individual who seeks adoption of a minor child needs to do so with the assistance of an agency or an attorney.

I am Carie Ehrenborg, and I have been assisting families in Ohio with the adoption process since 1998. Prior to creating my law firm, Ehrenborg Law Office, I was a staff attorney at Franklin County Children Services. My experience comprises representation in adoptions through public agencies, private and intercountry adoptions. I also represent birth parents considering placing a baby for adoption.  

Dignifying The Journey

Making a child a permanent member of your family is a decision filled with a full spectrum of emotions. Prospective parents may find completing all the forms, fingerprinting, home studies, and state and federal criminal background investigations may find the home study process invasive, and should be assisted through the journey.

Expectant or birth parents who are considering an adoption plan must be treated with due respect and honor for their decision.

I will help you navigate through the complex process with dignity. I will be with you every step of the way.

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Patience And Perseverance


“Carie kept us moving forward when the stress and difficulty of our adoption process seemed overwhelming. Just when we thought and felt like we were getting nowhere, Carie would find or create a way forward. We greatly appreciate her tireless advocacy and would recommend her to any other family looking for a lawyer specialized in adoption and child welfare law.” – Nathan


Carie Ehrenborg is an outstanding attorney, she goes the extra mile to understand her client and is an expert in her field. She took on our case when no one else would. She helped us resolve a case that was unprecedented and especially complicated. She was affordable and exemplary in every regard. Her communication and guidance were exceptional and timely at all times and she was always open to quick calls and updates as needed.  If you are looking for an attorney I can assure you Carie Ehrenborg will look out for your best interests and ensure your case is resolved in a timely and effective manner. – Jess


“Carie is one of the most caring advocates for her clients and the children involved. We have adopted multiple times with different attorneys. Carie has handled three of our adoptions. Some went smoothly as expected, one went off the expected path. Carie worked endlessly, including on her vacation to make sure the laws were followed by all involved. By doing this, she protected the best interest of the child. Mrs. Marsh-Ehrenborg is definitely highly intelligent and extremely knowledgeable in child welfare law. We are so very thankful she is our attorney.” – Charles & Tracy


I have collaborated with Carie on numerous adoption cases over the years. Her knowledge of adoption and family law is superb. What I appreciate as much, if not more, is the personal care she takes with each and every client. Carie is respectful, kind and realistic with all parties. Adoption is an emotional process for everyone involved and Carie’s knowledge and warm demeanor help put others at ease. When I refer clients to Carie, I have complete confidence that they will be treated with respect and that their best interests will be served.- Jackie S


Carie Ehrenborg has worked with us on 3 separate cases so far. We adopted our oldest son from foster care, and then received legal custody of our 3rd son. We’re currently pursuing adoption of him now. Carie has been fantastic to work with- honest and up front about all fees, potential outcomes and steps we could and should take. She has made what is a very daunting process into a simple and streamlined one. She is gracious, kind and professional always. You can be sure you have all your bases covered with Carie. I recommend her constantly to other families who are adopting – Lisa G


Working for an adoption agency, I am always asked who I recommend. Without a doubt I recommend Mrs. Marsh-Ehrenborg. She is able to provide the knowledge and skills needed for even the most difficult cases. Anyone in need of an adoption attorney should give her a call!!! – Anonymous


Carie took the time to listen to the facts of my case and meticulously ensure that every detail was covered so we could have a successful adoption. Her determination and dedication to our case helped ease my nerves and make us feel like we were her most important clients. We appreciate everything she did to make our family whole!! – Anonymous